Living in Nonduality

Upcoming events:

1. Down The Rabbit Hole – 27th of May
One day online retreat. 3 meetings 90 min each.
Starts 3:00 pm ends 8:30 pm Sofia, Bulgaria EEST
Fee: slide between 50-100 euro, feel and pay whatever feels right and honest for you.
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2. Come and live with us for a week on Greek Island – Tassos Island retreat
24th of June- 1st of July
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3. Monthly support
We offer you powerful one-on-one support which includes everyday conversation via email, and one-one zoom call each week, two group meetings per month to help you inquire into the nature of your being.
You are totally taken care of. There is nothing to worry about. Nothing to be afraid of. Our true nature is totally taken care of in every way. There is no danger and no need to defend or protect or attack. The self is an idea that has no actual ground – it is just an empty idea that the ego uses to defend itself.

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Non-duality is just another word for reality, another word for the simplicity that is appearing as us.
Actually there is no “me” and there is no “you”. There is no separation at all. No subjects, no objects, just appearances.

Non-duality is already perfect, innocent and absolutely free. There are no gurus nor teachers who know this. There are no seekers either. No one is superior or inferior because there is no one at all. Spirituality, or its absence, is merely a concept. There is no practice to be practiced in order to reach Nothing, simply because this is it – already here, completely free and without any lack or need for something to be different.

Duality is just another word for an imagined separation and imagined stories. Imagined problems can’t be solved by an imaginary person. The self creates problems and tries to resolve them 24/7. There is no liberation for the imagined entity. The imagined entity cannot awaken because something which never existed cannot awaken. All there is is awakening.

Non-duality is just a word and like all other words it just points.
Non duality is simply this.
Call it life or love, oneness, everything or nothing at all.
Whatever we may call it – it doesn’t matter.
For it is already complete and perfect as it is.

Does life feel like a constant struggle?
Do you think that if you stop fighting everything will collapse?
Are you sick of this fight?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, this is an invitation for you.
Book а free 30 min session with Luchana or Lubo and explore the possibility that all beliefs about the world and yourself are just that – beliefs that have simply never been questioned.

What if the ideas about yourself have never existed at all? What if there never was a separate individual, a separate entity, an I or a me? What if there is nothing to fix, nothing to reach, no path to walk, no task to accomplish? What if there were no doer yet deeds are done, perfectly orchestrated without a conductor and always have been.

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Non duality talks and meetings

Recorded video meetings and talks with Lubo and other speakers are available here: youtube channel

You are welcome to join us every week for open zoom meeting with Lubo or other speakers.

More information about our next meeting can be found here .

More about Luchana and Lubo

The story of Luchana is just a story and has no meaning whatsoever. It is as equally empty as any other story. However it seems the longing to find something called her in a search, although she didn’t know what she was looking for. Like many other stories, it all started with the “Power of now”, E. Tolle, which was followed by watching satsangs all day and night. At that time it seemed to be the only proper thing to do. Then the idea to gather with others emerged and for a while she thought, “Oh, this is something very important!” So she gathered and sang and laughed and cried… until she stopped and simply looked. The story of her so called life ended while having a guided conversation in the Liberation Unleashed forum. And that was it – the most simple and magnificent discovery ever – there never was a Luchana to begin with. Just life, as always, doing its thing. Luchana is guiding in the same forum. She is guiding with a joy, love and softness, but she is also a little bit firm when it is needed.
If you would like to book a session we can explore together the belief in a separate entity called “you”, and who knows what may happen.
Luchana is recording numerous interviews with different people on the same topic. Most of these conversations can be found at Nothing Media.
There are also videos in both English and Bulgarian here Awakening Awakened .
She also posts sporadically on her personal blog “Fake spirituality“,

The short version of Lubo’s story:
Lubo created a successful business and a beautiful family, holding firmly onto the reins of life believing that everything was under his control. This continued for quite some time, but despite his best efforts it all fell apart, prompting Lubo to question what life was all about. He never found an answer. It turns out that there was no answer, there was no question, and strange enough – no questioner either. What a joke. He realised that the one looking for the answers had never been there to begin with!
Currently, Lubo loves diving in the sea and guiding in the forum. He started as a guide in Liberation Unleashed and has been guiding for almost two years.
Non-dual talks with Lubo can be found here.
Lubo’s passion is one-on-one guiding, a pointing process used to see through illusions, believes, and fears.
Some say that he is tough, but in a kind way.


Never Enough

All the efforts of the
Individual, no matter how much Altruism they preach,
Are aimed at having a
Better experience.
It’s neither good nor bad.
It’s like feeding a
Hungry ghost.
Never enough.
Never enough.

Same, Same

It doesn’t need to be seen.
It doesn’t need a photograph.
It doesn’t need anything.
It doesn’t mean anything.
It is inevitably here.
It doesn’t care for a thought, Experience or sound.
If you fall in love with it or
If you pass it quickly by…
It does not mind.
It does not require your
Agreement nor approval.
Or any adoration.
Nothing does it know.
Call it life, love, this, god…
Same, same.
Nothing change.

Welcome Home

Not knowing when or where,
Who or what or why.
You eagerly embrace the unknown.
And than relax and somehow know
But knowing is not of the mind.
The heart just beats and this is it.
And wondrously you shine.
For you are home.
How come?
Such an innocent and futile task
To find a home you’ve never left.

The life you’re desperately trying to transcend was never yours

How long will you still trying 
to heal, forgive and to accept, 
don't you get a little tired
dissolving shit, transcend, allow…
Is there anything left to meet,
surrender and finally let go?
How long? An year, maybe two?
The last ten were obviously useless..
Just one more try. And it will work.
It has and must be done.
This lifetime yours is so damn precious.
No time to waste. Not even second.
You must do hard and try and try and try.
Unless you fall exhausted. 
And tiny line appears as a flash:
“It’s not enough. Oh, boy, no matter what you do or not
will NEVER be enough.”
This doesn’t need conclusion or a final spot.
One thousand years overcoming are simply not enough.
And as the river never owns the shores - 
so is the life you're desperately trying to transcend
was never yours.

Sobering up

The state you craving for will never come.
The bliss you loudly praise has never happened.
The loss you crying for was never there.
The pain you fighting with will never stop.
Until YOU stop and simply look:
The love you aiming for was never yours.
The peace and loneliness are all consuming ...
So sweet and innocent is this.
The gift has no direction and no sender, nor receiver.
And yet it is the gift you want the most.
But it was never hidden. Never, ever.
It’s just the gift you think you’ve lost.


The most glorious memory from so important past?
An empty ghost illusionary vast.
What colour, shape or taste does past possess?
And even how exactly it can be accessed?
A well dressed beautiful, seductive story of a someone
With hopes and goals and dreams of glory.
So fleeting as a morning mist..
Oh, dear sweet beloved past,
It is as pleasant as it's painful to admit.
You really never happened.
How sad and freeing is to see
That nothing ever happened.