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What we offer is simple – to walk together on this journey.
This is your journey and we can support you questioning your own believes. No teaching is involved here, no philosophies, no learning processes, simply cutting trough the main belief that there is an I, a me, an autonomous entity who has the ability to choose and control life. We can look together at fear, resistance, shame, anxiety, expose blind spots, conditioning, beliefs and other seemingly protective mechanisms.

To find that there is no one who lives life, or to whom life is happening to, is a simple and profound discovery. This very fact has never been hidden, it’s just simply overlooked.

We offer 30 min free session with either Lubo or Luchana for you to experience our approach and see if it suits you. Thereafter, you can book a 60 min session for 120 euros or 90 min session for 160 euros
NB: If you have a burning desire but funds are scares, please message us.
You can book monthly support “Living in Nonduality”. For more info click here

You can book sessions (w Luchana or Lubo) via email
We are Eastern European Standard Time (EEST) and are flexible, but it is advisable to book a few days in advance.
All payments must be made in advance via:

  • Disclaimer
  • Please, note that we are not therapists and cannot take responsibility for your mental health, before or after the sessions. If your relationships are unsatisfactory they may improve, or they may not. If you have strong religious or spiritual beliefs, direct experience may support them or not. You are at all times responsible for your honesty, integrity and focus.
  • Enter into this process if you are ready and willing to question ALL your beliefs and assumptions about awakening, if you are ready to face your fears, and if you prefer truth to comfortable lies. DO NOT ENTER if your goal is to fix the parts of your life that you think are broken, to embark on a self-improvement project, or to gain some kind of spiritual certification.
  • If you have a mental condition or disease, then this inquiry might not be for you. With schizophrenia, psychotic episodes, suicidal thoughts, clinical depression and many other forms of mental disorders, this inquiry can be harmful, so it’s strongly advisable NOT to have any sessions. Therapy would be indicated.