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Living in nonduality

If you wonder what it’s like living nonduality in everyday life

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Hi guys,

We give you a helping hand, take it and let us lead you to a new world.

Let us show you what we found, the beauty of the real world, far more different than the world we had imagined we live.

If you wonder what it’s like living nonduality in everyday life this invitation is for you.

Seeing everything in its non-dual nature brings clarity and a soft, organic dropping of the mental constructions around the main belief in I, me.

We are here to offer you ongoing support:

–  Meeting everyday life situations, emotions, triggers, etc and seeing them in their nondual reality. 

  • Living in nonduality is living without an anxiety, shame, guilt and the sense of unworthiness. Seeing those as mental constructions and realising you are absolutely free from that. 
  • Living in nonduality is the end of repetitive situations, projected  by artificial models and protective mechanisms.
  • Living in nonduality means that there is nothing wrong with you and there is no need to fix anything. 
  • Living in nonduality as completely enough, loved, innocent and accepted exactly as you are.
  • Living in nonduality is embracing it all, all layers – from the boundless space to your humanness, creativity, inspiration, desires with joy and wonder.

Allow your self to see that there is living in enjoyment only. Living in nonduality.

If that resonates with you see the details bellow:

Everyday support and  guidance via email.

Every week one-on-one meetings (75 min)

Meetings are rotated w Lubo & Luchana.

Every two weeks – extended intimate group meeting (90 min)

No streams, no recordings.

We will walk together, we will meet everything together.

We will be together as long as you need us.

Only few spots available.

Price 320euro/month

You can pay in advance or split the amount in two parts. 

You can subscribe any time during the month as long as there are available spots.
Send us a request for availability at luchanauzunova(at)gmail.com
See if that approach suits you and ask for a free 30 min. test meeting.


See you soon
Luchana & Lubo

Weekly zoom meetings

You are most welcome to join us in our weekly zoom meeting “Lubo’s non-dual talk”.
Usually on THURSDAY, 6 p.m. Central European Time
(5 p.m UK time, 7 p.m BG time)
Send us your request for a zoom link and other details at luchanauzunova@gmail.com
We also stream LIVE on youtube
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Participation is free, each donation is greatly appreciated.

You can see all past meetings on our youtube channel here

Who is the owner of life
There is nothing to do
Everything appears like every thing
This is wonderfully perfect

Luchana loves to have a chat with all these wonderful folks.