I met Luchana and Lubo through Liberation Unleashed.
I love their energy, they are radiating warmth, joy and vitality. They have been actively sharing their experiences and inviting people to find freedom. Both Luchana and Lubo have been guiding over liberation unleashed forum and on zoom and they seem to have abundant energy and wonderful presence. I love Luchana’s spontaneous laugh that speaks of her lightness and clarity, and Lubo’s enthusiasm in helping seekers to explore experience. Both of them are wonderful duo and I’m very happy to recommend their services.

Ilona Ciunaite

Luchana and Lubo are wonderfully effective at lovingly guiding people into the open space of nondual realization. Their passionate and warm engagement leads straight into the heart of the matter often with lightness and humor. If you’d like support to directly see through the anxieties and shame of the false self, I highly recommend working with Luchana and Lubo, two heartfelt liberators.

Adam Chacksfield

Luchana’s guiding was gentle , patient and discreet . These qualities created the sense of a safe and relaxed environment.  For me ,as a seeker,  this was very important in order to open up. She helped me stay focused on the right direction when the mind was  running with concepts. Both ,  the writing  process  in the forum and the live chat that we had, were very powerful and helped to clear a lot of misperceptions in different ways. Writing helped  me absorb what is written and the live chat helped in addressing issues that came up from the chatting which would not happen by writing .  Thank you Luchana for being my company in this !

Love Olga 

I found Luchana through LU.
I had naturally seen through the illusion of a separate self some years prior to our meeting but I was still very identified with thoughts. With skilful and efficient pointing she helped me to look for the truth in the present moment and, before the week was out, the conditioning was seen through and the unreal collapsed, although our investigation continued. Luchana is a total natural and her guidance is offered with a nurturing patience and kindness but… with no room to wriggle! – just as I like it. 

Thank you dearest Luchana.


I am very grateful to Luchana for her loving and beautiful guidance on Liberation Unleashed, and for her availability with one-to-one calls. Her relentless encouragement to look and look again was so helpful in seeing through the mechanisms of the mind, and coming to see the truth. It has been a wonderful journey with Luchana, and I fully recommend her as a guide on your journey too.


I looked through my thread on the LU forum and remember that it was called “Clearer seeing”. By guiding Luchana did make this issue clear for me, and I actually do enjoy this clarity now. That is a big change come to think of it. And it is funny that there is no full appreciation of this clarity since the direct looking that brings this clarity happens very rarely 🙂


What a joy – to write words that don’t mean anything and come from nothing, but point to that which can never be escaped – THIS. In the story of Nikkie, Luchana is my guide. She posed simple, direct, confronting questions that somehow seemed to be delivered with Unconditional Love- even though I don’t know what that means – she is IT! Thoughts can be spooky in this apparent uncovering, and Luchana is the illumination to the fact that psychological fear is MOOT and empty! Although there is no cause and no road to this, there is an immense gratitude for the apparent time and attention she has given. Just tears of gratitude, wonder, awe…emptiness and not knowing. Is that love? I don’t know!! What joy and freedom!!! Oh, and listening in on the weekly meetings with Lubo and Luchana is like frosting on the cake. The unique expression of Lubo is freedom pointing to freedom, already!


След като прочетох за опита на достатъчно много хора, преминали през невидимата порта, реших да пробвам и аз. Любо се зае с такава готовност да ме води, че дисциплинираната ми личност не посмя да се съпротивлява на темпото. Бях послушна и следвах стъпките. Честно казано предварителните ми очаквания бяха пътуването да се проточи няколко месеца, обаче се случи изненадващо бързо – докато се кача на влака и трябваше да слизам :))). Даже се усъмних дали наистина съм стигнала на правилното място. Всъщност няма никакво място, никакво пътуване, всичко е само символика, просто така сме свикнали да се изразяваме по отношение на нещата, които разумът не може да обясни, обаче все пак трябва някак да се опишат. При мен нямаше фойерверки, камбани или пък светлина в тунела. Осъзнах липсата на личност, докато си прибирах прането. Истинска проза. Помня и финалната картина, до която Любо ме заведе, макар и да беше само в моята глава: хралупа на дърво; надникнах в нея – нямаше нищо. Помня, че след “пристигането” ми се чувствах няколко дни в лека безтегловност и малко зашеметена, не ми се говореше и обсъждаше с никого, нямах порива да изкрещя на целия свят великата истина. Бях притихнала и наблюдавах с други очи предишните стари неща от ежедневието си. И май никой около мен не разбра. Едно свръх потайно осъзнаване се получи. 

Благодаря, Любо, за търпението и любовта

Working with Luchana has been so simple, so peaceful, so delightful, and so quietly astonishing.

Just the memory thought of being on a zoom call with her and breathing and smiling and falling into that moment, immediately grounds me into this present moment again.

Luchana was so quietly skilful in noticing and naming the places where I was spinning off into thought and intellectualisation, and gently inviting me to look again at direct experience. Her brief and simple questions cut through the fog of theory and intellectual structures I seemed to enjoy spinning, and pointed at the simplest, freshest truest thing to notice, patiently and with utmost good will and joy in the realisation, when it landed.

Seeing the truth of no-self here is new and unfolding. A full and useful structure of self continues to operate in my daily life (and with so much more ease and less stress and distress than before, and what stress arises can be neutralized in a moment, when it is noticed) and pieces of conditioning continue to be seen and fall away regularly.

My roles as mother, wife, church board president, friend, daughter, sister etc. continue to be inhabited, but in an easeful way that is so new and fresh — it’s like listening, feeling for what is arising to be said or done in the moment, and trusting the rightness of that, seeing how right it is as it arises. And, when thoughts are believed still, the ability to recognise the identification and let it fall without heat or self-condemnation, because it’s all just habit patterns and conditioning in the shape of a self that never existed, that is a deeply appreciated gift as well.

I look forward to how this continues to be realized and the other layers of understanding or falling away of understanding hahaha,  that will continue to arise and unfold.

Luchana’s energy is such a balm, her clarity is so grounded and simple and affirming, she was the perfect guide for me in this realization, which I’m still a little shocked to “realize” is now the experience of living for me, here, now.


Любо представя пробуждането като процес, който е достъпен за всеки.Той те предразполага с невероятен усет и играейки ролята на по-опитен приятел, знае накъде да насочи вниманието ти, без да натрапва свое мнение. Резултатът е неочакван!

Пълна забава!

Having Lubo as a guide was the best gift of my life, although there is no “me” at all…there is a lot of gratitude and love for him here. Through my darkest moments, and my weaknesses, he was always there to guide and help me to see,
and live what is actually true and real here and now.